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Here are a few comments:

Adrienne's Reading Power program continues to transform and inspire our teaching practice. Teaching reading has never been more exciting. From a young age, students are challenged to make personal connections with their experiences and feelings and to have a deeper understanding of what they are reading. In our experience, Reading Power strategies have led to a greater success for individual students. Using the Reading Power strategies in both fiction and nonfiction has enhanced our teaching in every subject area.

- Jeanette Mumford and Mary Cotrell (teachers - Sexsmith Elementary School, Vancouver)

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a variety of Adrienne's workshops and due to the fantastic experience, have elected to return to hear her repeatedly. Throughout the past several years my teaching has been transformed by Adrienne's incredibly practical and thorough approach to comprehension instruction. Most recently I have been motivated to apply her dynamic and user friendly approach into my work with teachers and students in the Gifted Learner's Program. Whether in a primary or intermediate classroom, a resource setting, or within the library Adrienne's practical approach to teaching comprehension is a phenomenal addition.

- Kimberly Matterson, Principal -VSB Gifted Program for Highly Able Learners

Adrienne’s Reading Power is awesome! Not only do we hear this over and over again from educators, but we also love her use of fabulous picture books to support the principles.
How many times a day do we say to each other: Adrienne will LOVE this book!

- Phyllis Simon – co-Founder/owner Vancouver Kidsbooks

Our district purchased BOTH Reading Power and NonFiction Reading Power for our 1500 elementary teachers who were thrilled to have Adrienne here for summer training. We received many comments about how refreshing it was to hear from a knowledgeable author who not only knew the current reading research, but had also actually taught the lessons! Adrienne is a talented trainer who really connected with our teachers and it was exciting to see her lessons from the book come to life during the school year in our district classrooms. There really is POWER in her books and trainings!

- Judy Wilbert, Elementary Reading Curriculum Office , Wichita (Kansas) Public Schools
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Adrienne Gear’s Reading Power is not just a strategy it is a way of teaching children how to think while they read. Through thoughtful dedication to her craft, Adrienne has transformed the teaching of reading in the Vancouver Board of Education and beyond. She has worked with students, teachers, families and administrators sharing her creative expertise about reading in a way that works in today’s classrooms. Reading Power goes beyond reading the words; it is an important tool to create thoughtful learners.

- Sue Stevenson, Vice Principal - Mount Pleasant Elementary (Vancouver)
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Adrienne has led our Literacy Lead Teachers at the grade 5-8 level through a series of workshops. As a result of her positive leadership and excellent resources, our teaching and assessment practices have improved tremendously. In addition to working with our Literacy Lead Teachers, Adrienne has presented energizing and engaging workshops on both Fiction and Nonfiction Reading Power to over 300 of our district teachers from grades K-8. Her easy to follow resource ensures that the workshop transforms classroom practice. Adrienne provides professional development that is not a "one shot wonder" - students in our classrooms are positively impacted because of her dedication to promoting excellent classroom teaching practices that teachers can begin to use the day after the workshop.

- Wendy Woodhurst, Director of Instruction - North Okanagan Shuswap
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Adrienne is amazing. She is able to bring people forward. With her guidance teachers are thinking differently about what learners may need. As a result our students are thinking deeper and learning to share these thoughts with their peers. She has a wonderful sense of humor. This allows teachers to relax and learn in a warm environment.  Her books are practical and teachers have mentioned that the lessons are easy to implement and have remarkable results. Our work with Adrienne has created a high level of enthusiasm and excitement in our classrooms throughout our district.

- Kathy Eades, Literacy Coordinator, Coast Mountains School District 82 – Terrace, B.C.
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